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Don't let the scaly bastard win!

Good on you for seeing its bullshit tactics to foil your success


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Thanks for putting your thoughts into words for us to read and borrow from, you helped me at just over 30 days in remember that it gets better and that it's a curve to feeling better, not a sharp drop or climb.

Keep on doing the better version of you and inspiring others to do the better version of them. The time you took to write out where you're at and what you're experiencing and noticing is appreciated.


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You've done an amazing job of correcting your flight path. Keep that altitude and course direction, captain, you're showing everyone else how to successfully fly now!


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I'm with all the parents here who are making the positive change for their kids and seeing the improvements in relationship(s)

It's brilliant and is the biggest payoff, being more present and leading by example, connecting properly with your children


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Hondo your sarcasm was a bit too dry, obviously


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Write to your representatives. Plaster social media. Get others in your town to do the same. Start an online petition. Collate people's speedtests and their location. Question everything and demand action!


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Good bot


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Reddit is Fun configured to open links in browser on my Android phone. Firefox Focus (ad and tracker blocking) is the browser.

Some sites don't work (no functionality) but most do without disabling the privacy/ad blocking ability


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Holier than thou, obvuously


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Thanks for posting

Rest of your healthy, successful, happy life ahead of you now.

I'm pleased for you realising early, too.

Reach out to the ex girlfriend at the 1 year mark and maybe you can rekindle things? I'm sure it would be nice to let her know you've changed your ways, seen a better path, whichever way your future interactions continue (or don't).

Keep dropping in here and being a part of it, useful little reminders and support


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Abus U or D lock that requires a battery grinder to cut through is best bet for security, but yes it's still a gamble

Any flexible lock, any, can be easily cut with nearly silent bolt cutters

At least requiring a power tool is a deterrent unless the thieves are so bold and fearless that they just dgaf


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Bad bot


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Nice work and a great affirmation


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Stopped watching not far in. You liked it so much, you reposted it from tiktok, then reposted it again after getting the sound setting wrong the first time? It moved you that much?



COMMENT Mar 06 '21

Congrats on the realisation

Stay true man and get free

Day 3 and that's my intention, already had a way better Saturday with my family than I have for months, despite some manic moments... But I think thats the nicotine as I'm freezing those fuckers out too right now!

Stick with it, we got this.


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You might have a problem


COMMENT Mar 04 '21

I've started doing this recently as my problem has gotten worse. Geezus.


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Looks tougher and so much sexier than small-package Michael Scott

What a professional arc this man has been on. Comedic, serious, off-beat, everyman actor and I reckon he's just gotta be a nice man in real life.


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One of the natural wonders I'd visit North America for. Probably at the top.of the list.

Touch on a couple of liberal, culturally significant cities and the rest of our time would be in your great outdoors.

I stand under Sequoias here in Oz and feel their weight and presence so much. Relatives babies. I can't comprehend what it'd be like to do the same with these magnificent beauties.


COMMENT Feb 23 '21

You don't need to. Rapid fire, off the cuff, lay into that stank ass spittle dribblin beeyotch for having the audacity to tell a confident black man, or any man or woman, where they should be as they're minding their own damn business riding down a public street in a free country


COMMENT Feb 23 '21

When you come to hate humanity and its evils, then you get this guy and his will to make the world better.

Now to remember he is actually the greater part of the world's population and its thinking. He's just doing something!


COMMENT Feb 22 '21

On the one hand I agree with you and the other, well, Derrick was there to finish it and got damn he finished it


COMMENT Feb 22 '21

I can't add anything that the upvotes from wise folks hasn't already.

So just look at those upvotes and intelligent supportive comments and run with that

Stay strong. Pain will ease with time and your new single life won't sick, it's a chance to get to enjoying what you want and being a positive human with interests, hobbies and so much to offer for the next lady in your life.

A sober you with your life under control that meets and engages with the world as the best you, will bring the best "other half" as a matter of course just when you're ready


COMMENT Feb 22 '21

I love how so many people, myself included, felt like we had hit the relative lottery by being assigned fttc at our address... Only to hear we are stuck at that for a long time to come! Optus cable at 50mbps to fttc (superloop) at 50mbps... Hooge upgrade.