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Theory Parallels between Nami and Marco (theory)


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Analysis Oden's personality and the beauty behind it (analysis)


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Analysis Nami as goddess Aphrodite or Venus


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Paprika anime in Thom Yorke (Anima) album



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I don't know why, but Doflamingo always reminded me of H.P. Baxxter from Scooter;

H.P. Baxxter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YxTa1AUqps


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The last one is amazing!


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I read somewhere that Dragon's devil fruit is maybe the mythological zoan; thunderbird.

His appearance is very similar to a native indian chief. " The thunderbird creates not just thunder (with its wing-flapping), but lightning bolts. "

dragon's tattoo

Maybe this explains not just the wind effect, but the lightning in Loguetown. When Luffy was saved by a lightning, from Buggy, and Dragon appeared when Smoker catched Luffy.


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there are also some parallels between Oden and Sabo.

  1. Both Oden and Sabo came from a noble family (Oden was the son of the shogun)
  2. Both were rejected by their families. Both were disowned by their families.
  3. Both have a "brother" who is evil, and who took away their places. Oden has Orochi, and Sabo has Sterry.
  4. Both wanted to head to the sea.
  5. Oden was killed by a dragon (Kaido). while Sabo was saved by Monkey D. Dragon after he was attacked by celestial dragons.

6 .The dream Sabo shares as a kid (Ch 585) was to travel the world and write a book about it, which is exactly what Oden does.

  1. Also, Sabo leaves his noble family to live in Gray Terminal, an unlawful part of the island for crooks and criminals. Oden leaves the Flower Capital and takes over Kuri, an unlawful land of crooks and criminals.


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I wrote to you a pm as you asked, you but didn't answer.


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The connection is very obvious for me. BB's ship name is "saber of xebec."


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Yes, I also know about it. It was in chapter 225 in Mock town, when Zoro said it.

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Discussion Why Blackbeard doesn't sleep, and a Japanese myth behind it. (tldr)



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yes , that duel is so cool. :)

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Discussion My imagination about advanced ryou (haki)



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In Dante’s Divine Comedy, it’s been stated that Satan betrayed God and was thus, punished. It was also given that when Dante saw a “cracked ruined slope” when he entered the ring of lust (the first ring), Virgil stated that this occurred in an earthquake that shook after the death of christ.

For the non-christians out there, God is referred to in the Christian religion as the “Father, son and holy spirit” in the Trinity.

Christ was the son of God.

During Marineford, Blackbeard encoutered his “Father”, Whitebeard and betrayed him. After having killed Whitebeard, Blackbeard stole his fruit and harnessed its powers of granting mighty earthquakes. Indeed, this is the Quake-Quake fruit and Blackbeard had this power after the death of Ace, who publicly called himself the son of Whitebeard.

Ace may have represented “Christ”.

– He has 3 letters in his name, representing the trinity;

– He calls himself the son of Whitebeard, whom his subordinates call “Father”;

– Some of his fire attacks like “Flame Commandment” and “Cross Fire” are related to the Christian religion, and that of Christ. In chapter 441, his attack's name is Juujika wich means Holy Cross.

So Blackbeard betrayed his father (like Satan in Dante’s Divine Comedy) and had the Quake-Quake fruit, after the death of “Christ” (Ace), similar to the ground in Inferno being shook after the death of Christ in the Divine Comedy.


"Whitebeard personified as God?

Here is a list of reasons that supports this:

He refers to all his crew mates as sons. This one is fairly obvious. God also calls all his creations "sons" (or daughters). He said that everyone is the child of the sea, as "we are all children of god."

Going along with white beard calling his crew-mates sons. The devil used to be one of God's angels, until his corrupt ideas became disobedient and selfish. Then the devil strong enough to oppose God. Similarly, blackbeard used to be a "son" of whitebeard, until he kill for selfish reasons and left the crew, and eventually came back to fight him. (not to mention here the colors chosen white vs black; good vs evil. and also Blackbeards power is darkness)

His name is "Whitebeard" -- in most interpretation of father aspect of God in the real world, he tends to have white-hair and a long white-beard. I mean go Google images "God" and you will understand my point.

his flag has a cross (this one isn't my strongest point) -- the flag was originally supposed to be a manji symbol which is the sign of temples in Japan.

His ship is called "Moby Dick." Now if you have read Moby Dick, you should instantly understand this point. In said book, the white whale (Moby Dick) is a representation of a ubiquitous being (or God). Now using that same concept in one piece, since white-beard rides on a ship named "Moby Dick," its a pretty strong statement that he is being portrayed as someone powerful enough to ride Moby Dick."

Marco as the holy spirit; blue flames of revival


"The Holy Spirit has been represented in Christian art both in the Eastern and Western Churches using a variety of depictions. The depictions have ranged from nearly identical figures that represent the three persons of the Holy Trinity, to a dove, to a flame."


Fire – symbolizes the transforming energy of the Holy Spirit's actions. In the form of tongues "as of fire", the Holy Spirit rested on the disciples on the morning of Pentecost.

in this video b.d.a. law also says that Marco's fire somehow can destroy homies who are souls. He purifies them.


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Analysis Parallels between Black Maria and Boa Hancock


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MEME Spirited One Piece Away

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MEME Attack on Big Mom

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and the movie ends with Ofelia's death, but after her death she found herself in an another realm, world (afterlife, fairy world).


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I am happy to see Katakuri eating without hiding himself.


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The movie (Pan's labyrinth) ends with Ofelia's death, and after it, she found herself in an another realm/world. (afterlife, fairy realm)


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And after Ofelia's death, she found herself in an another realm. (afterlife, fairy realm)


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