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Yes, that's the first thing I had him do even before he could meet her


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Yes. She signed off her parental rights and I adopted V


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He wasn't on the birth certificate and the law says that you need to adopt if you were not on birth certificate or at birth then you have no right on the child and have to legally adopt.


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I legally adopted V. T did too. He wasn't on the birth certificate because N didn't admit he was the father at the time. T is the actual father, the first thing I did was a dna test when he came to meet her. And yes, my sister did sign off her parental rights. She had always said she didn't want kids so it was not really a shock to our family but when she went nc, we were not ready. She did keep us informed of her whereabouts but nothing personal or what's going on in her life.

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Not the A-hole AITA for telling my sister she was out of her mind when she said she wanted to take back my child whom I adopted from her?