r/wallstreetbets Feb 23 '21

Walking into the stock market today Meme


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u/SmitePlug Feb 23 '21

that’s not crazy though if you account for it’s growth in a year. It dips sometimes this ones a little rougher but GME has definitely stirred the market and made red a bad taste instead of a part of the pallet. Today was bad at open but it’s about as bad as yesterday now and slowly recovering back i think we’ll be okay someone needs to teach the rookies that red is natural. if not they’re going to sink us all


u/BigDaddyHugeTime Feb 23 '21

Yeah I started my portfolio by buying 1 share of TSLA @ $1500. It then split 5 ways and now it is where it is.

I know it's definitely not normal growth, but god damn does it feel good.

I'm also not scared of red. If I had more spare money to invest I'd be buying the dips right now.


u/LeaLenaLenocka Feb 23 '21

Is it normal to be completely ok with red and get nervous as fuck at first green number?

I am a noob, but this is my biggest issue right now. Does anyone know how to stop this?