r/PublicFreakout Feb 23 '21

Queen Karen gets roasted for telling someone to “Go back to Oakland” Repost 😔


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u/negraboriqua Feb 23 '21

Racists: "go back to Oakland"

You: "...roast tf out of her..."

Racist: "show some respect"


u/witwiki50 Feb 23 '21

Video plays with black man abusing white elderly women: “leave me alone , i didn’t say anything”

Black man “you stinky ass bitch”

Reddit “yeah good for him”


u/negraboriqua Feb 26 '21

Black man abusing elderly woman? Why mention his race and not hers? If you can't stand the heat stay out the kitchen.


u/witwiki50 Feb 26 '21 edited Feb 26 '21

You stay up all night to think of that stupid little catch phrase? Sure ok, black man and white women, who gives a shit. The only people who give a shit about race are the racists. Funny how you brought that up


u/negraboriqua Feb 26 '21

This reply shows how truly ignorant you are. First, that "catchphrase" has been around for decades and if you think only racists care about race you've never had to deal with racism yourself. The fact that you hint at me being a racist...I won't even dignify that with a response. Go back to your bedroom in your parent's suburban basement and educate yourself on the realities of this world.


u/witwiki50 Feb 26 '21

Shut up, you sound like a right plonker