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Queen Karen gets roasted for telling someone to “Go back to Oakland” Repost 😔


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u/Wayback182 Feb 23 '21

It's Cali. Half the population is over-funded, retired bags of leather with no real life perspectives or experiences.


u/tomowudi Feb 23 '21

Florida has entered the chat.


u/radkat18 Feb 23 '21

Floridaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂


u/Dr_Frasier_Bane Feb 23 '21

Scottsdale wants to play, too.


u/Snoo_26884 Feb 23 '21

But but I thought getting a good job and saving money makes you really smart?


u/New-Key-9377 Feb 23 '21


Love it


u/Pleasant_Jim Feb 23 '21

How did these people make money? I'm a non American so I am just interested in knowing.


u/BasicDesignAdvice Feb 23 '21

They bought houses when they were cheap, and since the Republicans passed a bullshit property tax law 30 years ago they are insulated from rising costs.


u/biskitwheels Feb 23 '21

20 years ago, even during the dot com boom, houses on Alameda island were some of the most affordable in the bay. Lots of reasons Alameda was one of the last areas to be gentrified. It's the Foster City of the East Bay.

I thought they were in Piedmont or the Berkeley hills.

To have a "get back to Oakland" mentality when you live in freaking Alameda is hilariously pathetic. You live in Alameda. Get to Piedmont if you want to live in a town that takes license plates of everyone coming in from Oakland if you want real protection from those "others". New money lmfao


u/Wayback182 Feb 23 '21

California has a very warm and enjoyable climate a majority of the time, which is appealing to many retired people in the USA. California has become a notorious gathering place for the older generations, and those older generations were generally offered better financial situations during the time they grew up. It leads to a false sense of superiority and entitlement for many of them.


u/Scarnox Feb 23 '21

Just to be clear, you aren’t in part saying that California is attracting retired folks, are you? Because that would be hilariously inaccurate, no one comes TO California in order to retire, unless they are already relatively wealthy, in which case they might as well already live here. The state income tax, sales tax, & property taxes all make it very expensive, when a person’s retirement is already generally a reduced income than they enjoyed while employed.

If anything, it is pushing them away because of taxes and the overall heightened cost of living, which makes retiring here more difficult.

You are right about the part where older folks have been offered better financial situations, and I will add that this is primarily from things like more favorable housing conditions, Social Security, pensions, etc.


u/sittinwithkitten Feb 23 '21

My grandmother loved to be served and waited on like a queen. When she visited it drove my mother crazy as she was a full time working mother of three.


u/TaserBalls Feb 23 '21

Fair enough but this is the Bay area which can be really brutal in the winter. Not North Dakota brutal, sure but really really really cold.

You know how Arizona can say "But it's a dry heat"? Well the Bay area around this time is the polar opposite, heh. It is a wet cold which is downright painful. Things like "Air temp is 34 but it feels like 22!" are part of the weather report... and no, that is not including the wind chill factor which will make you cry at least until your tears freeze omg I really do not like the Bay in the winter.

Better than an NYC winter but still, though.


u/Tootz3125 Feb 23 '21

As a Canadian, your winter sounds cute.


u/crumblenoob Feb 23 '21

Lmao in what world are Bay Area winters brutal? I’ve lived here 25 years and only own a heavy jacket for Tahoe trips.


u/TaserBalls Feb 23 '21

SoCal says: yup, brutal. Spent one winter at the Bay and regretted it.

High five anyway, though... I also own a heavy winter jacket and it is also mostly used for Tahoe!


u/crumblenoob Feb 23 '21

Haha fair enough, I grew up on the east coast with -20 blizzards and ice storms so California has been a joke by comparison. The southern perimeter of the country will always be tame by comparison! :)


u/JokerDoopliss Feb 23 '21

Lol. Bay area winters are a joke. Everyone i know living in the bay complains when it gets under 50F. You guys have no clue lol. Its like people in LA complaining when its above 80F


u/james42worthy Feb 23 '21

Says someone who has never been to California before.


u/RecordLonely Feb 23 '21

Can confirm this to be true.


u/aroberts13 Feb 23 '21

New York has entered the chat


u/WarPigs02 Feb 23 '21

Fuck Cali - from Florida :)


u/baevard Feb 23 '21

Or real body parts


u/royle53 Feb 23 '21

Cali is such a trip. A part of me really, really wants to move there. Another part of me just as adamantly screams hell no, mostly for this exact reason.. its population.

Maybe it’s best I just leave Cali to once every two year vacations and not ruin it with an extended stay.


u/Clawssen Feb 23 '21

having lived in the midwest and Cali, honestly this happens more in the Midwest. It just doesn't get recorded.