r/PublicFreakout Feb 23 '21

Queen Karen gets roasted for telling someone to “Go back to Oakland” Repost 😔


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u/zimtrovert94 Feb 23 '21

It’s all off the cuff.

Insults upon insults without reasoning and yet, it’s brilliant because he’s thinking of this so quickly, it’s more of a reflex.

And it’s brilliant. Who gives a shit if it’s Oakland or Alameda. People are free to ride around if they want and she deserves every insult.


u/winazoid Feb 23 '21

Man I need to do that more often. Just confusing insults

"You tepid un corrugated bum fluff!"


u/DuskStar1263 Feb 23 '21

Unsaturated floppy grass llama


u/cuentaderana Feb 23 '21

Oakland and Alameda touch anyway. When I visit my aunt in Alameda and want to take the BART into San Fran I just Uber like 2 miles to the closest Oakland BART station.