r/PublicFreakout Feb 23 '21

Queen Karen gets roasted for telling someone to “Go back to Oakland” Repost 😔


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u/deezanutza Feb 23 '21

Yeah Ill normally try to bite my tongue at the end of a night of drinking because that’s how people die from stupid shit. One punch can change everyone’s life. But yes that’s exactly how it’s done lol one of my favorite things to do is banter with my friends. Over the years you start to get pretty fucking good because you’ll be insulting them while thinking of the next insult and realize it’s too good and hold it back for later and spit out something different. It’s truly an art.


u/letmeexplainitforyou Feb 23 '21

A friendly reminder that the Eggshell Doctrine is a thing in most countries. When attempting to damage anything, one is responsible for the entirety of damages even if the outcome was unforeseen, to be treated as if everything were made of eggshells - that is, punching a timber beam that drops a house makes you responsible for the entirety of the damage, just as punching someone who's head then collapses and they die means you're on the hook for manslaughter even if your original intent was a good ol' rough and tumble.


u/deezanutza Feb 23 '21

That’s why I said to save the fighting. No one wins in that scenario.