r/PublicFreakout Feb 23 '21

Queen Karen gets roasted for telling someone to “Go back to Oakland” Repost 😔


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u/BrazenChatter Feb 23 '21

Senior citizen spit on your muthafuckin sweater


u/Head_Sandwich1 Feb 23 '21

The dude had a perfect verbal flow. I can never speak so fluently when im frustrated. That is a skill.


u/deezanutza Feb 23 '21 edited Feb 23 '21

You just look at someone and start talking about their physical outward appearance. Then you make assumptions about the individual based on these finds and proceed to make them wish they were never born.

Most of them won’t stick but that’s why you fire at them like a machine gun hoping you hit that one. You’ll know if you hit it. You’ll see it on their face. The whole point is to hit something very deep and personal without ever knowing them. Be as mean as you possibly can while being deadly accurate. Just calling them a dumbass white broad isn’t enough.

Last but not least, drink their tears. Part of any nutritious roast.

Edit: I love how one of my most upvoted comments on reddit is how to be an insufferable prick hahahahah


u/potatotay Feb 23 '21

It always helps when the opponent looks like a geriatric bumble bee


u/StrangeMaggot49 Feb 23 '21

Lmaooooo I screamed