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Queen Karen gets roasted for telling someone to “Go back to Oakland” Repost 😔


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u/Plane_Baby Feb 23 '21

"Dusty wrinkle bag trash having a$$" 😂 The verbal gymnastics.


u/food4lifevv Feb 23 '21 edited Feb 23 '21

Earlier I said roasting is an art form and I truly believe that. I don’t know how you find those imperfections in a person that quickly

Edit: Also I have no evidence for the claims in this video which is why I refrained from making it a race thing in the title. I shared only bc his roasts are God like and hilarious. Nothing more

Edit 3: thanks u/pedron209 the man explains himself in this video. here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_kMooz40JY

Edit: So an older person in the comments asked me to add a script to this as their ears couldn’t keep up. Also given the mans accent I understand some might not be able to understand him for reasons such as being a non native speaker etc. Also those who are hard of hearing will miss out on the belly laugh of the year. So here it is

Man-You told me to go back to Oakland right? Let me tell yo dusty, dirty, dingy, mannequin built ass something, you don't tel me where the fuck to go. When you leave your house...

Lady - (interrupting him) Language, language, respectful language!

Man - (continuing on) ...you old stanky ass lady you are in the world so you don't tell me to go back to Oakland. You take yo wrinkle pussy ass to Oakland. Get yo funk mask ass to Oakland. You have a whole COVID-19 fit (outfit) on witcho (with your) dusty ass. You the reason why this shit is here (Covid 19). You got (repeats 2x) you got hella (slang for "alot of") senior citizen spit on your fucking sweater tellin somebody to go to Oakland! Man- HUH?

Woman- Stop talking for a minute! Can you control your mouth for a minute

Man- You need to control yo ass cuz it stanks. You need to go get in a wheel chair

Woman (partially interrupting him) - Don't be vulgar (not too sure if this is accurate)

Man (partially interrupting woman) - Get yo old funky ass up outta here telling somebody to go back to Oakland

Woman- Im 80 years old!

Man- You don't (He cuts off was likely going to say you dont look like you're 80)

Man- Well act like you're 80 something years old, your age doesn't matter. You seem like you're racist. You seen me riding by and you tell a black person to go back to Oakland. So it's black people in Oakland?

Woman (interrupts him)- I'm in Oakland!

Man- Ain't no black people in Alameda??

Woman- There's more white people that live in Oakland than black people! (walks away)

Man- Well get yo dusty wrinkle trash bag having ass up outta here then. Don't tell no black person to go back to Oakland. You can't tell me where to go alright! I'm fucking grown! (End of video)


u/LevPornass Feb 23 '21

A lot of it is the use of blunt language and weaving in colorful metaphors and references, combined with a confident and emphatic delivery. Let’s say you have a big nose. If I say, “Ha ha, he has a big nose,” that is a lame roast.


u/AndromedaFire Feb 23 '21

This guys nose so big he can smoke a cigarette in the damn shower.


u/VicViking Feb 23 '21

...is what I'd come up with 5 hours later when I'm in the shower.


u/rieldilpikl Feb 23 '21

gotta love that sad and proud moment of Staircase Wit


u/Bovinius__Cudd Feb 23 '21

Dude got so much nose I don't even google anymore, I just ask him.

He nose.

All nose.


u/tribecous Feb 23 '21

It’s the nose that knows.


u/basicallyballin Feb 23 '21

Nose what? Who nose!


u/psychopythonmetrist Feb 23 '21

If you nose you nose


u/country2poplarbeef Feb 23 '21

Muthafucka, get the fuck outta here with yo big-ass nose. Lookin' like you could snort a rail of Amtrak. Your nose so god-damn big, you sneeze, we gotta see that shit on the Weather Channel. God damn, man.


u/iflipyofareal Feb 23 '21

As an owner of a big nose, id fucking bow down to anyone that came up with "snort a rail of Amtrak" 😂


u/dhays202 Feb 23 '21

You can’t make this shit up


u/-Listening Feb 23 '21

You don’t see the part where that happened


u/sev02 Feb 23 '21

That's what it is right there, you find someone's flaws and exaggerate the hell out of it.

I used to love playing the dozens or snaps in school.


u/Sload-Tits Feb 23 '21

Its like a natural canopy.